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Donating household goods
Your donation of household goods is gladly accepted at all retail store locations during each store’s hours of operation. In Duluth and Hermantown, there are additional hours for dropping off donations.

Home pickup of large volume donations in the Duluth/Superior area (10 or more bags/boxes or large pieces of furniture) can be arranged by calling Goodwill’s administrative offices at 722-6351.  

What Goodwill needs
Your donation of household goods provides valuable work for Goodwill employees and generates revenue that supports Goodwill’s rehabilitation and work programs. However, donated goods that are broken, excessively worn, unsafe or simply unsalable are of no value to Goodwill, and incur costs for their disposal.

This is what Goodwill really needs:

  • Clothing in good condition of all types for men, women and children, including coats and jackets, furs and leathers.
  • Glassware, china and dishware of all types. Baskets.
  • Kitchen utensils and kitchen gadgets such as shredders or choppers.
  • Linens, blankets/bedding, throw rugs and curtains.
  • Yard goods and yarn.
  • Antique or collectible items, knicknacks, pictures, wall decorations, holiday decorations.
  • Shoes, boots and skates (ice and in-line).
  • Toys, games and dolls. 
  • Sporting goods and camping gear.
  • Bicycles, tricycles, toddler bikes and wagons.
  • Records, cassettes, CDs, VHS tapes and DVDs.
  • Furniture in good condition (It cannot need repair or have excessive wear.)
  • Jewelry.
  • Accessories for men, women and children, including hats, mittens, belts, neckties and purses.
  • Small appliances such as irons, toasters, lamps and waffle irons.
  • Tools 
  • Garden equipment, lawn mowers and snow blowers. (please remove gasoline)
  • Books: paperback, hard cover and children’s (no magazines or encyclopedias, please).
  • Musical instruments.
Appliances such as: refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers, water heaters and softeners, waterbeds and microwaves. We do not repair; it’s too bulky to handle and display; must pay for disposal.
Damaged or excessively worn furniture. Metal file cabinets.
We do not re-upholster or repair. Metal file cabinets have little resale value and are large and bulky to move.
Box springs and mattresses Resale is prohibited in Minnesota.
Plumbing fixtures, storm doors, windows or screens Too specialized in size for resale.
Carpeting Too bulky. Little resale value.
Hazardous waste: paint, wood preservatives, paint thinner or stripper, stain and varnish. Insect spray, insecticides, and weed killer. Waste oil, auto batteries, antifreeze, oil filters and transmission fluid. Solvents, cleaning products, floor care products, oven cleaner and furniture polish. Glues, products in aerosol cans, nail polish, polish remover and shoe polish. These products should be disposed of through WLSSD. Contact them at 722-0761 for proper method of disposal.
Tires Difficult to resell. Must pay for disposal.
Computer equipment such as keyboards, monitors and hard drives, TVs, VCRs, telephones, cell phones, CD players, stereos, camcorders, FAX machines and rechargeable appliances.
Difficult to determine workability. Must pay for disposal. Electronic equipment may contain significant amounts of hazardous materials. Contact WLSSD at 722-0761 regarding disposal.
Any other items that are too heavy or too bulky for two people to safely handle.
Safety hazard to move.
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